20 Things in My Twenties

Today is the day! A day I have been looking forward to, yet dreading, for a long time. Today is my twentieth birthday. The day that I am a year older. The day that I begin a new decade. The day that I leave behind a huge chapter in my life. The day that I turn the page and begin a new chapter. The day that is the beginning of a huge year of change.

20 Things I Want to Complete in My Twenties:

  1. GET MARRIED! I am officially a MRS!!! – February 10, 2018, read more about my Wedding Belles series HERE.
  2. Graduate from college. I DID IT! – December 21, 2017 with a B.A. in English
  3. Tour Europe – England, France, Italy, Greece.
  4. Tour the US – mainly California, Hawaii, New York, Maine, Washington D.C. I would love to fly to Maine, rent a car and tour the North East.
  5. Visit Disney World in Florida with Mr. Man.
  6. Visit Charleston, SC with Mr. Man. DONE! We spent a weekend there in June 2017 for our friend’s wedding.
  7. Learn to quilt – I have always wanted to know how, but haven’t had the time to explore it more.
  8. Read at least 100, push for 200, books in my twenties. 17 out of 200 so far, view my booklist HERE.
  9. Read the Harry Potter series all the way through.
  10. Eat dinner backward for date night – eat dessert first, entree next, then the appetizer.
  11. Section out more time per week to organize, write and grow The Calico Cat – 1,000 blog subscribers and 2,000 monthly views.
  12. Get fit. Reach my body goals. Make time to workout two or three times per week.
  13. Buy our first house. DONE! We closed on our first home on July 21, 2017. Follow along on the journey HERE.
  14. Go Parasailing with Mr. Man.
  15. Go snorkeling with Mr. Man.
  16. Pay off our student loans.
  17. Buy a new car.
  18. Work with a company.
  19. Take a wine tasting tour at the Winery at Biltmore Estates.
  20. Read through the entire Bible.


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