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Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Leah, the founder and editer of The Calico Cat. And I am so excited that you have decided to stop by! I am a South Carolina-based lifestyle blogger, recent post-grad and newlywed. Clemson University was my four year home – forever one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

Some of my favorite things: Target, home decor, beauty, food, sweet tea and our golden retriever, Remi

I hope The Calico Cat feels like your best friend, through a blog. This is your one-stop shop lifestyle blog. My hope is to share helpful and relateable topics. From navigating life as newlyweds to meal planning to makeup inspiration, I’m here to test all of the Pinterest recipes (much to my husband’s dismay), create every mess and share the experience with you! Hopefully, I can provide a safe and fun space to escape the hard parts of life, but also learn a few things along the way!

Now, I want to hear about you (because that’s what best friends do, right?). Come over to Instagram and drop a comment, shoot me a tweet, or leave a shoutout on the TCC Facebook page.

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