#AskL – (Meaning behind TCC’s Name, Perfect Date, Favorite Jeans and more)

I recently had a birthday, so I am answering some questions to share more about myself and share some of my favorite things with you!

Hello Gorgeous!

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday, so I thought that I would do a Q and A for you all. I have been wanting to do one of these for awhile to share more about me and to share some of my favorite things that wouldn’t normally come up in other posts. I hope these questions answer some of the questions that you have had!

  1. What cosmetic brands do you want to try, but haven’t?
    • I have tried many cosmetic brands, but I would love to try out Charlotte Tilbury‘s line. Her packaging is so pretty!
  2. What is your favorite book?

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  1. How do you fill your well?
    • I fill my well in many ways. Reading, long baths, listening to podcasts, watching my favorite shows, these are the ways that I fill my well individually. The hubs and I fill our wells together by spending time together, watching our favorite tv shows and playing with Remi.
  2. Heels or flats?
    • Heels all day everyday! Here a few that I have my eye on:
  3. What is a song that you blast or belt out when you are alone?
  4. How many pictures do you currently have on your camera roll, and how do you choose which ones stay and which go?
    • 3,360. It has gotten to where I can’t take anymore pictures or videos, which means I really need to cull through and move them to my computer. I tend to take several of the same photo, so I go through my camera roll selecting my favorites, deleting duplicates and any unnecessary screenshots. I love the new feature where screenshots can be sent to someone and then deleted, which is often the reason that I take a screenshot to begin with. Once I have looked through the camera roll and cleaned it up, I airdrop the photos and videos to my computer and then to my external hard drive. I try to organize them in the hard drive so that I can easily find them again if I need them. I have several folders: family, blog and YouTube footage.
  5. What is one food that you used to hate but now like?
    • Steak. I am not a big red meat lover, but I have started to enjoy eating steak occasionally. I love the steak and loaded baked potato from Texas Roadhouse!
  6. Where do you buy your jeans?
    • My absolute favorite jeans are from American Eagle. They are so soft and comfortable. I have tried out other pairs of jeans, including Aeropostale, and AE jeans are the best!
  7. Meaning behind The Calico Cat
    • My mom came up with the name actually. This blog was originally named The Beauty Lookbook, but there is another bigger blog with that name. I knew that I had to change it for copyright reasons, so my mom suggested The Calico Cat. I love to sew, hence “Calico” and I love cats, so here we are. That is how The Calico Cat came into being.
  8. What’s your dream destination for travel?
    • I would love to visit Europe, especially England, Italy and France. My sister has been to parts of Europe and loved it, so that makes me even more excited to go!
  9. What is your favorite scent at Bath and Body Works?

  10. What is your perfect date?
    • Sushi from Red Bowl (California Roll, Red Bowl Roll and Mango Shrimp Rolls are my FAVORITE!) and watching our favorite tv shows or movies at home.

What questions do you want answered in the next #AskL?! If you’ve got one, I would love to hear it. Please, fill out this form and your question may get answered in an upcoming post.

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