Blogger Men Tell All: Mr. Man and His Thoughts {May 2015}

Hi friends,

Today, Mr. Man is taking over the blog again in a game of “Would you rather…”

1. Watch Star Wars or Start Trek?

I would rather not watch either one, but I would choose Star Wars. Star Wars seems more popular and more entertaining, plus there is a new one coming out to see on the big screen.

While Mr. Man was answering these questions, I was trying to answer them in my head before reading his answers. For this first question, I honestly don’t know which one he would pick because he isn’t really into either.

2. Take a summer vacation in the mountains or at the beach?

Mountains don’t have sharks. Enough said.

Mr. Man is all about the mountains. We leave for the beach in a few weeks and he was really hoping we would be going to the mountains. I, however, think of summer vacation at the beach and the mountains as a fall appropriate vacation. But I would have been happy with either. I have very wonderful memories of being at the beach with all of my cousins, so I am a little partial to the beach. Side note: I died when I saw this response. Mr. Man and sharks are not friends. Right now, he is acting like he isn’t even going to get in the ocean. WHAT?! I go out until I can’t touch and I will probably be doing good to get him to put his big toe in!

3. Use Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter. Facebook is beginning to be overrun by older people, it should come with an age limit. “At the age of 35, you will no longer be allowed on Facebook to share 5 million posts and invite friends to play games 15 times a day.”

He’s a Twitter kind of guy, for sure. He posts to it more than anything else although I don’t know why. Twitter just isn’t my thing. I guess I haven’t quite learned how to utilize it yet?

4. Go camping or stay in a nice hotel?

I would rather do the best of both worlds and go RVing. You get the comforts of a hotel but get to enjoy more of nature. But if I had to choose one or the other, I would say a hotel because I like to be comfortable.

Mr. Man loves campfires, but he also has HORRIBLE allergies. I think he would probably pick the hotel. Might be totally wrong on this one though!

5. Watch sports or play sports?

I would rather play sports, especially football. It gives an outlet for all of your stresses and teaches discipline as well as other virtues. I love watching sports too, but watching tends to create more stress (especially being a Clemson fan). I actually tried out for my college football team twice, still debating on doing it again or not.

Is both an option?! Mr. Man loves to play and watch football, especially Clemson football. We’re a little partial! He grew up around the sport and always carries a football in his car. He also loves NASCAR, but is that a sport?

I hope ya’ll enjoyed it!


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