Blogger Men Tell All: Mr. Man & His Thoughts {March 2015}

Becoming Adorrable

1. Do you like to cook? What is your favorite thing to make? Yes I do. I like to cook fancy meals like the ones you see on TV, such as Beef Wellington or Risotto, just to be Chef Ramsey for a day. Mr. Man went through a serious Chef Ramsey phase at one point. Sadly, I didn’t get to try the Beef Wellington, but I’ve heard it was a success. However, I have had other things and I will say that his cooking isn’t half bad. It’s actually pretty delicious!

2. What is the last movie you saw in a theater? American Sniper, but will hopefully be Furious 7 soon! Mr. Man and I saw American Sniper in theaters. I was originally hesitant, thinking that I would be bored to death. It was actually a really good movie – very sad though.

3. Can you name five makeup brands? Gerard Cosmetics, CoverGirl, Maybelline, Revlon, NYX Cosmetics, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Rimmel London and L’Oreal He actually named ten. I was shocked! Maybe I talk about makeup too much?! Or maybe they were just fresh on his mind from his recent trip to Ulta for my birthday gifts? Either way, he really surprised me on that one.

4. What are your biggest pet peeves? Interrupting me when I am talking or doing something. Oh yes! This is a big one. After 4 years, you would think I would even know not to do these. That day hasn’t come yet, however. I am constantly interrupting him. But my thoughts and opinions¬†are always more important, right? ūüėČ Just kidding. I do irritate him with interruptions on the daily though.

5. What are your biggest goals in life right now? To graduate college with a MS in Structural Engineering and a MBA, with minimal debt. He got the brains and I got the looks…HA! But seriously, he can pick something up so quickly¬†while I’ll try the same thing and completely fail at it. Hence the reason he is the engineer and not me.

So I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into the mind of my other half. I can’t wait to start interviewing him more for you all! It’ll be¬†so much fun¬†to look back in a year and see if any of his answers have changed Signature

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