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Hi friends,

Today I am giving you my thoughts on the new CoverGirl XL Nail Gel Polish in the shade 760 Buxom Blue. This product is marketed as a gel nail polish at home. Here is what CoverGirl’s website has to say, “Get a gel-like look without the salon hassle with XL Nail Gel’s thick, plump polish formula. No UV light required, one coat gives you all of the reflective shine and intense color you crave for up to 7 days.” It is a small square shaped bottle that feels like glass, with a square silver lid. The lid is a little weird to hold at first, but it is fine once you get used to it. The brush is thin, yet long – the perfect size. The polish has a medium-thick consistency. It isn’t too runny or too thick. It doesn’t get goopy on the nails. The first coat is super streaky. However, the second coat saves the day and evens it out. I only have two cons with this product. #1 is the smell. I have to use this in a well-ventilated room otherwise the smell makes me feel sick. It is very strong!

Day 1: To apply this polish, I first prepped my nails with my nail kit and the Wet’n’Wild Base Coat. I applied two thin coats of the XL Nail Gel Polish. Once it dried, I immediately went in with a thick coat of the Sally Hansen 3D Top Coat. I let it set for 45 seconds – 1 minute before going in with the Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat. It went on so smooth and wasn’t lumpy or gross. It dried super fast between coats. My only gripe is the fact that after I applied my top coats, I started to get little bubbles in my polish on a couple of my fingernails. However, it isn’t super noticeable unless I am looking at my nails in direct light.

Day 3: Still going strong! No chips!!!! Crazy I know! So basically with normal nail polish, my nails, especially on my right hand, are ALWAYS chipping by day 3 or 4. They aren’t so chipped that I have to repaint them, but they do start to chip along the edges. This polish has yet to chip. It is starting to wear down around the tips of my nails, but nothing noticeable.


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