Advice from a Graduate: 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of College

Advise from a graduate: 7 ways to make the most out of college by Rebekah Anne

Hey Gorgeous! Today, Rebekah is taking over the blog and sharing some ways that helped her get the most out of her college experience. I really enjoyed this post and I think you will too. It definitely gave me some things to think about when it comes to getting the most out of this experience. It definitely is the time of our lives and we should make all of the memories that we can because all too soon college will be over. That’s when we will be wishing that we had done more. College is a once in a lifetime thing, have no regrets and just do it!

Hey there! My name is Rebekah, I’m the blogger behind Rebekah Anne, a life and style blog. I graduated in 2012 (feeling super old right now) from Brigham Young University Idaho with a bachelors degree in communication.

It’s definitely been a while since my college days, but I feel like I can actually start reflecting on my experience and share some words of wisdom with those still in college. Like every stage of life, I had ups and downs in college and it’s definitely taken some time to turn those downs into positive experiences. I want to share my tips for making the most out of your college experience so that it doesn’t take you three years of pondering and reflecting to really enjoy college and all that it taught you.

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Dear College Freshman… | 5 Things They Don’t Tell You At Orientation

stack of books on the dark wood background. 5 things they don't tell you at orientation.

Hey You!

At this point, I have sat through 2 orientations and it has taken up 4 days of my life in total. As I was sitting through orientation a second time, I began to think of things that I had learned throughout my freshman year of college that they weren’t mentioning at this orientation. So to prevent you the headache, I have compiled a list of the top 5 things that I learned and feel should be shared at every orientation.

Jansport Backpack Review + What’s in My Bag?

Dear College Freshman,

I took Dual Enrollment classes in high school and carried everything in a 31 bag, because I was only taking two classes a semester at community college. But that bag didn’t evenly distribute the weight on my shoulders and it got heavy with the books for my two classes. When I started college, I knew that I wanted a real backpack to carry all of my stuff in. I wanted something with several compartments so that I could organize all of my stuff within it. I chose a Jansport backpack because I liked the way that it felt and I liked how it had several pockets on the front and two large zippered pockets.