The Cat’s Picks: Sephora VIB Sale

I'm sharing 13 products on my wishlist, varying from skincare to makeup to hair care, that can be purchased during the Sephora VIB Sale. Check it out; there may be something you forgot to add to your cart!

Hey Gorgeous!


It is that time of year – a time to spend with family, a time to spend eating delicious food and a time spend shopping sales for gifts to yourself or to others. It is the holiday season! And with that comes the Sephora VIB and VIB Rouge Sale. While I am not a VIB or Rouge member, I wanted to share my wishlist in case some of you will be shopping the sale and are looking for a few other things to add to your cart.


One of the biggest new releases in the community this year, and something I expect to be on the Christmas list of many, is the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This thing is worth a very pretty penny! However, it is supposedly the best hair dryer to have ever hit the market. It has a heat control technology that keeps you from frying your hair, while also drying your hair in half the time.


This palette has been all over Instagram for the past month and everyone loves it. It has a great mix of mattes and shimmers, neutrals and pops of color. Huda even shared a video using it to complete her entire look – face, eyes, and lips.

Recently, Benefit has released their eyebrow kits and a lip kit. Both are on my wishlist for this sale! The Benefit They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit combines your lip liner and your lip color into one. I think that it is such an innovative product! Benefit also released several brow kits. My favorite is the Benefit Soft and Natural Brows. It gives you the pencil, highlighter and brow gel along with several guides. This kit is perfect, for those who want low maintenance brows or who are just starting out.


Nicole Guerriero has been raving about the Estee Edit Gritty and Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palette on her YouTube and Snapchat lately. I think these palettes would be great for travel as they are magnetic and small, but also give you the option to create many different looks from natural to bold.


While the Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette is super expensive, it includes so many beautiful colors that would create a large number of looks. Casey Holmes used this palette in a recent tutorial and the colors looked like they blended seamlessly with each other. Her only complaint was that it doesn’t have a black shade to deepen your looks, but she also said that you could grab a black from any other palette in your collection. I love the blue duochrome in this palette as well as the berry shades!

I love that Becca and Jaclyn Hill released these! They are perfect for travel as your blush and highlighter are in one container. I have Champagne Pop and it is a bit too dark for my fair skin, so Prosecco Pop would probably be way too yellow for me. With that being said, I still love these compacts none the less. My favorites are Champagne Pop/Flowerchild and Prosecco Pop/Amaretto. These blush colors are amazing, and perfect for all of my fair ladies out there!


You can’t forget to buy a new Beauty Blender while you are at it. This set is your best buy as you get two beauty blenders and the blender cleanser for the price of the two sponges. I always stock up on beauty sponges when there is a sale going on. That way, I always have back ups for when one gets nasty!


I tried so hard not to fall for this mascara. Mr. Man wanted to get it for me for my birthday two years ago and I told him no, because I thought it was too expensive for mascara and I was afraid to love it. Guess what happened? He bought it anyway and I fell in love! I honestly believe the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is one of the best, if not the best, mascara on the market right now. It gives me amazing length and volume! I have gone through two tubes and am currently out, so I need to stock up!


Another of my favorites, the LaVanilla Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Lavender is amazing! I love that it has natural ingredients and doesn’t leave a film like other deodorants do.

With anything GlamGlow, you get the most bang for your buck by buying a set. These two are great: GlamGlow Gift Sexy Supermud Set or GlamGlow Sexy Kissable Lips Set! I haven’t tried any of their new lip products, but I have tried all of the face masks in this kit and they are amazing!

And that’s a wrap! These are my picks. What are yours? Tell me what you purchased during the VIB/VIB Rouge Sale this year in the comments below!


P.S. Ebates is currently offering 4% cash back on all orders from Sephora. If you don’t have an Ebates account, you should. It is a great way to receive cash back on all of your online and some in-store purchases!



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      The Calico Cat

      Try it! I switched about a year ago and I won’t ever go back to a regular deodorant. This works just as good without being too fragranced and I feel better about what I am putting on. I also hate the film that regular deodorants leave on me and this doesn’t leave one at all – another plus! 🙂

  1. 22

    I spend way too much money at Sephora! Beauty blenders are always a good buy, and Jaclyn Hill’s champagne pop gives me life! I definitely want to try the glamglow masks though!

  2. 26

    These are amazing picks! I didn’t know Benefit came out with a lip kit, it’s so pretty! Now I kind of want everything from your list, can’t wait till it’s our 20% off Sephora sales here in Malaysia!

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