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College Wardobe Staples

As far as actual outfits go, you will start the school year thinking that you are going to dress up everyday and look cute. But let me tell you, that’s not how it will end up working out. There will come a time when it will either be look cute or sleep thirty more minutes and you will choose sleep. Believe me! And when that day comes, you will throw on athletic clothes and head to class. After that, the rest will be history. You’ll be in leggings, athletic clothes or sweats everyday and that’s fine. 

This is college, not high school. No one is paying attention to what you wear. However, there will be some classes that will require you to be in a business casual outfit during class time so you will need to have some business casual pieces in your closet. Another thing, if you are having to get up in front of the class and give a presentation, wear business casual clothing for that as well. When it’s presentation day, put in the effort and look nice. This will make you feel more confident and pulled together. So without further ado, I will let you know what my college wardrobe staples are.

Triclimate Jacket such as this one

  • As it gets colder, you will NEED these next three items. When you are walking back and forth to class this winter, you will thank me for telling you to put these in your backpack.




Bobs by Skechers

I have the Women’s Bobs Plush – Memories in Taupe. They are the best shoes in the world. So, so comfortable!

Rainbow Flip Flops

Tennis Shoes

Business Casual Shoes (heels, wedges, nice flats) in Black or Brown

  • Go with neutral colors that you can pair with anything. VERSATILITY!

Basic Tshirts


Nice Tops (think business casual)

Athletic Leggings

Athletic Shorts




Khaki Pants

  • If you aren’t a jewelry person, ignore this part. If you are, think small and versatile.

Diamond Studs

Pearl Studs

3 Layering Necklaces

Monogram Necklace


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