Love It or Leave It: L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

My mascara finally ran out! Even though it gets used every time I put my face on, it still takes forever to dry up. When I ran out of it the last time, I decided to try Maybelline: The Mega Plush Volume Express mascara in Very Black ($6). It was new at the time. I HATED IT! Maybelline made the wand very flexible so as to grab every lash. The only thing that wand did was poke me in the eye! I ended up taking my old Volume Express wand and using it instead. It also seemed to clump my lashes together rather than separate them.  I think the Mega Plush was a different formula too. It went on the same, but when you washed it off, it was different. It came off in straws rather than just running and smearing. That part was nice, because I didn’t end up with the whole raccoon eye look. Not pretty! But my holy grail mascara is still their One by One Volume Express mascara in Blackest Black ($6). To me, my lashes are short and sparse. So what do I want in a mascara? I want a mascara that lengthens and volumizes all in one step. This mascara does that for me. I love the tapered end of this wand because it allows you to get those shorter lashes in the inner corner, as well as your lower lashes. I like to be able to buy a mascara for my upper and lower lashes rather than to have to buy two separate ones. Just another reason why I love this mascara! My only complaint is that the rubber piece that gets the excess product off of the wand, as you pull it out, has been coming out when you take out the wand. This is a real pain, because it’s messy and wasteful.

This is with one coat of the One by One mascara ($6).

So of course, I bought the One by One right? WRONG! This time around, I bought L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara in Blackest Black ($9). So far, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this mascara! The packaging is very modern. The formula is nice. There is only one wand, but that one wand has two sides as you can see in the picture. There is the “butterfly” side to give you those longer outer lashes and then there is the regular part. This wand is also great for the lower lashes because it is tapered and has that regular side. It makes my eyelashes look like spider legs. Some people won’t like that, but I want long lashes so that is fine with me. It does volumize some, but not as much as the Volume Express. That is the only down side. When you wash it off, it comes off completely. I did not have any problem with the raccoon eye look.

This is with one coat of the Voluminous Butterfly mascara ($9).

I think these two mascaras would really complement each other if used together. You have the Voluminous Butterfly that does a great job of lengthening and you have the One by One that adds volume. I have not tried them together, but when I do, I will let you know what I think. Will you love it? Should you leave it? Personally, I think that you will LOVE this product. It does such a great job of lengthening, but I don’t feel like it adds a lot of volume which is why I pair it with the One by One.

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