The Cat’s Picks | Gift Guide for Him

In my experience, the men in your life are the hardest to buy for. They rarely keep track of what they want, leaving us in the dark each holiday season with what to buy them. To make your life easier, I have rounded up some options for you!

Hello Gorgeous!

For me, the men in my life are the hardest to buy for and I know you probably have that same issue. They never keep track of what they want or need. Then, Christmas time or their birthday rolls around and they don’t have a wish list or they just want cash. I like to give actual gifts, so I have started keeping a gift list on my phone. When anyone mentions anything that they want, I add it to the list so that I always have some ideas as to what to get them. Today, I am rounding up a couple of options for you at all different price points, as well as sharing with you some favorite things from the guys in my life!


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What are you giving the men in your life?


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