Jansport Backpack Review + What’s in My Bag?

Dear College Freshman,

I took Dual Enrollment classes in high school and carried everything in a 31 bag, because I was only taking two classes a semester at community college. But that bag didn’t evenly distribute the weight on my shoulders and it got heavy with the books for my two classes. When I started college, I knew that I wanted a real backpack to carry all of my stuff in. I wanted something with several compartments so that I could organize all of my stuff within it. I chose a Jansport backpack because I liked the way that it felt and I liked how it had several pockets on the front and two large zippered pockets.

In my backpack, I keep:

  • Large Zippered Pocket {back}
    1. Rain Jacket or Umbrella : you never know when the weather might take a turn for the worse.
    2. Books for my individual classes
    3. 5-Class Spiral-Bound Notebook : Freshman year, I used individual notebooks for each class, but carrying 3 different notebooks to class each day and then not filling them up by the end of the semester just seemed like a waste to me. This year I am trying out the 5 class notebook. It is bigger but I don’t have to remember to switch out my notebooks each day.
    4. Planner
    5. Pens
    6. Post-It Notes : for quick reminders – typically things that I need to add to my planner
    7. Post-It Flags : Since I am an English major, I am always reading. ALWAYS. So these flags help me to note specific pages within books to return to later.
    8. Magnetic Bookmarks
  • Large Zippered Pocket {front}
    1. Windows Surface 2 RT & charger
    2. Mophie and charging cable
  • Small Zippered Pocket {top}
    1. Snacks : usually granola bars or crackers
    2. Lipbalm
    3. Deoderant
  • Mesh Cup Holder
    1. A drink of some sort, usually a tervis of water. Sometimes my umbrella sits in there instead

The other two small zippered pockets are not currently being used. But that is what is in my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post!

What is in your bag? Do you have any back to school items that you can’t live without? Leave a comment below!


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