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Hello Gorgeous!

If you read last month’s post, then you know that we are officially under contract on a different home. This one is currently under construction, so we have been able to be very hands on with it so far, which has been very nice! The majority of the house decisions had already been made (i.e. paint colors, siding colors, hardwood floors, light fixtures, cabinets, etc.) But, we have been able to pick out some things and add some personal touches. So much has changed in the last month, so I thought I would give you all a quick house update + some pictures of the progress!

Things We Got to Pick Out

The first being the granite for the countertops. The builder actually let us pick them out before we were officially under contract, because they happened to be ordering them that week. We were very excited to pick that out! We knew right away that we wanted to go with a white granite. I love the look of marble, so we went into Lowe’s with the intention of finding something similar. We strayed from this initial idea a little bit, as the granite was more of a black and white mix. Once it was installed, it looked beautiful with the carpet and tile choices, as well as with the dark bronze faucets and cabinet pulls.

We were also able to pick out the tile and carpet. The builder left some samples at the house, so we went by one night after work and picked out what we thought would look the best. The granite was already installed, which was nice, so we could see if it went together. The carpet and tile were both installed this month also, and I can’t wait to be able to walk across the carpet barefoot. It is so fluffy and nice, I love it!

The hardwood floors are still in the process of being finished. Towards the beginning of the month, we got to pick out our finish. We could have picked to have the floors stained, but we decided that we liked the floors the way that they were. For the finish, we decided on a semi-glossy. Since Remi is going to be an inside and outside dog, we wanted the polyurethane layer to be pretty thick, so his claws wouldn’t scratch the floor. We haven’t heard officially if the floors are finished yet, but we don’t think that they are as they aren’t very shiny like a semi-gloss normally is. We also noticed what looked like pinholes or very fine nail holes in the floor. At first, we didn’t really pay much attention. We knew we wanted them filled, but we weren’t very concerned. My mom just happened to Google it and it was actually from a dust beetle. It is typical for some hardwood floors to be infested and have these holes, where the beetles bore out. We were then worried about potentially having a bug problem, but we never saw any bugs. We were told that the floors had been treated and all of the beetles were dead, so we were not seeing new holes, just ones that were there all along. This made us feel a lot better and we have asked for most of the holes to be filled, so that they aren’t as noticeable. If it doesn’t get filled, it won’t be the end of the world as furniture will cover most of it anyway.

We ordered our appliances shortly after last month’s post went live. The builder gave us a $2,000 credit to purchase them, so we bought them from Lowe’s during their Memorial Day sale. It was perfect timing with the sale, so we were actually able to get a high percentage knocked off. We only bought our kitchen appliances with this credit. We are planning to pick out the washer and dryer in the next week or so during the July 4th sale. Originally, we had picked out an LG package from HHGregg for the other house, but the reviews on those appliances were awful. For this house, we really did our research and took our time figuring out what would be the best. We originally looked at doing all Whirlpool appliances, but changed our mind after walking through Lowe’s and actually playing with similar Whirlpool ones. That is my biggest piece of advice – go look at the appliances in person, because online can be very different from real life.

Meeting the Neighbors + A Progress Scare

We have been trying to go by the house one night each week, just to see the progress and check on everything. We met our neighbor this month. He seems to be very nice, which we are so thankful for. The neighbors of the other house were alright. The location of this new house is better and appears to be safer than the other one. I always just felt a little on edge at the other house. I’m not really sure why. The crime reports were good in both places, but the area of the other house just didn’t seem as safe. We are actually within a few minutes drive of Mr. Man’s boss, who is a great friend of ours, so that is also nice that we are close to people we know.

Jumping back to the progress of the house, there was about a two week stretch this month, where it appeared that no progress was made. It would be a random thing here and there that changed. The builder’s wife had their baby prematurely, so that threw a kink in things. He was off the grid for awhile at the beginning of the month. When we went under contract, we were told that the house would be finished July 1st with a closing date of July 14th. As we watched two weeks pass, we started to get very worried that it would not finish on time. We are still a little worried, but there has been a lot of progress on the house this past week, which is reassuring. Last Friday, we had our appraisal, which should come back this week and then, we can move forward with our loan.

Other Updates

The exterior of the house is now complete, except for the garage door and painting the front door. The rock was placed on the outside on Friday! The fireplace rock will hopefully be finished by the end of this week! It was great to see the rock done. Each time we have been by, we have been hoping to see the rock as we did not know what it looked like. It looks perfect! It ties in really well with the dark bronze/brown siding and exterior finishes. All of the electrical work is complete! Our light fixtures are hung. Our outlets and light switches are done. The outdoor lights are finished. The locks and doorknobs were placed about two weeks ago, so we now have to unlock the door with one of the hidden keys. It is really starting to feel more like a home and less like a construction site. Everything is coming together and it all just looks so nice. We got to pick the paint color of the front door this morning, which was fun. We thought that it would be staying white, but we are actually going to have a pop of color there now, which I think is really going to look nice!

We are just so excited to close and start to move in. We are excited for Remi to have a bigger house to play in and a big yard. We do plan to fence the backyard, hopefully within this first six months or so. That way, we can let him out and he can run around without being on a leash, but first we’ve got to get some grass growing as it is a big mud pit right now! We are planning to stop by again on Wednesday to see what it looks like this week and then, the next time we see it will probably be when it is completely finished.

Thank you for reading this super long house update! Hopefully, next month’s Journey Home will be a recap of closing and moving. Fingers crossed!



Have you recently built or moved into a new home? Do you have any moving tips or tricks? Let me know below!

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