Leopard Print Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Print

Hi Everyone,

Today I decided to post a Makeup Tutorial that was inspired by my leopard print scarf, hence the title. I attended a baby shower luncheon today for my cousin. Certain events warrant darker, heavier makeup, but for this occasion, I wanted my makeup to be lighter and accentuate my eyes more than anything else. I didn’t want my makeup to be heavy or dark. As I was looking for inspiration, my eyes fell upon my scarf. The golds, tans, browns and blacks were just perfect for this. Not only was it not heavy or dark, it was also the perfect color combinations to make my blue eyes stand out.

Old Navy Fringed Performance Fleece Scarves in Animal See Side Note below

I began with a clean and moisturized face. I applied concealer on my eyelids, as well as under my eyes. On my eyelids, I put three lines of concealer starting at my lashes and moving all the way up to my brow. Under my eyes, I just draw a line from the inner corner to slightly past my eye, about where my eyebrow ends. I smudge all of this out and use it as an eyeshadow base. Using a flat shader brush, I apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow all over my eyelid up to my crease (second from the top in the picture). Using a crease brush, I apply a medium golden brown to my crease (third from the top). This will help the darker shade to blend more seamlessly later. Now it’s time to add a little more dimension! You could leave the look like this if you wanted. But since I was inspired by my scarf, I needed to get the brown in there somewhere. Using the same crease brush, I blended a chocolate brown with some shimmer into my crease (fourth from the top). The golden brown was very blown out, but this darker brown should be very precise. I applied the brown in a v shape on my outer corner, starting at my lashes and blending into my crease. Just keep blending until there are no harsh lines. If you want even more dimension, you could add a little black. My complexion is very fair, so using black eyeshadow in my crease looks very harsh on me. So I left it as is and moved on to liner. I applied a thin line of black gel eyeliner, no wing or anything like that.

Eyeshadows LPE 

Moving on to the face, I didn’t use a primer today. I applied moisturizer before I did my eyes, so that it would have time to soak in before I applied my foundation. I applied my Covergirl Clean Oil Control Foundation in the shade Ivory using a stippling brush. I went over the foundation with a damp sponge wedge. This helps to blend the foundation out for a seamless airbrushed look. Using my Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in the shade Fair, I drew a triangle beginning right below my inner corner and dragging the concealer to the corner of my nose then drawing another line from my nose to my temple stopping at the end of my eyebrow. Now just fill in the triangle shape! Using my ring finger, I blended this out. Women tend to get red around their noses due to hormones so this technique will not only help to hide that, but it will also help to hide dark circles. Since the ring finger is the weakest, use it when blending out anything on your face, as it will not tug on your skin the way your other fingers would. I used my Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder in the shade Ivory on an angled blush brush to set my concealer. I applied the powder all over the area where I had drawn the triangle. Using that same angled blush brush, I lightly bronzed my face with my Clinique Almost Bronzer in the shade Light to Medium and applied a mauve colored blush with some gold flecks to my cheek bones. This bronzer came with a brush that is shaped kind of like the Nars ITA brush. This brush is great for getting a very precise contour, which can then be blended out.

I then finished my undereye makeup. I applied a light shimmery gold eyeshadow to my inner corner and along the inner third of my lower lash line using the same angled eyeliner brush (top eyeshadow in picture). I then applied the golden brown to the other two-thirds of my lower lash line using the same brush. I used the brown on the outer third.  Using the same angled eyeliner brush and the same eyeliner from earlier, I applied the eyeliner to my waterline. I applied one coat of Maybelline’s One by One Volume Express mascara and let that dry for about a minute. After that, I applied one coat of the L’Oreal Butterfly mascara. In my first impressions post, I told you that I would let you know what I thought of those two mascaras together. Well let me tell you, together they are amazing! They give me full, long lashes. I use the butterfly last, because the wand helps to spread my lashes out and separate them really well.

Jumping back to the face. . .

I used the same gold eyeshadow that I used on my inner corner as my highlight. I applied this with the angled blush brush, starting at the roundest part of my cheek and dabbing all the way back to my temple. I then swept over the entire thing to make sure that the highlight was even. Going back to my stippling brush, I went over my entire face again in a stippling motion to make sure that everything was blended seamlessly and that there were no harsh lines. You could apply powder to your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) at this point if you wanted to. I have been liking the dewy look lately, so I didn’t apply a setting powder. As for my brows, I didn’t fill them in. I just ran through them with a clear brow gel to keep them in place.


For the lips, I did not use a lip liner today. I used the Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Rouge. I don’t know if this product is still sold, because I couldn’t find it on the site. Of the colors that were listed, Confidence and Courage were close to mine but not exact. I applied this with a lip brush all over my lips. It is glossy at first, but dries like a matte lip stain. I decided that I wanted glossier lips, so I applied the Liplicious Dipped Strawberry lip gloss over it. I got this gloss from Bath and Body awhile back, so again I couldn’t find it on the site. The Liplicious Fruit Punch or Brilliant Berry lip glosses look very similar though. With eating and drinking at the shower, the lip color did wear off within about three hours right as the shower ended.

As for my hair, I curled it with a 1″ curling iron and pulled my bangs into a “poof.” Here’s how my hair looked:

Leopard Print Eyes 3

Welllllllll this is my take on a leopard print inspired makeup look. I hope you enjoyed it!


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Side Note: I got this scarf last year during Black Friday at Old Navy. It is the Fringed Performance Fleece Scarf in Animal. When looking at Old Navy trying to find a thumbnail, they didn’t have this particular scarf for sale. But I am sure that you could find it somewhere else. I ended up finding the thumbnail at Lyst.com, which is a fashion shopping site.

**My eyeshadows and blush came out of a pallet from Claire’s called the Got You Covered Makeup Kit. It was about $25 and it has been great. The eyeshadows hold up well, but they do crease towards the end of the day. This pallet isn’t MAC or Urban Decay, but for $25 you get many different colored eyeshadows, as well as 4 blushes, 2 powders, several lipsticks and glosses. It was a great buy for me, because I love to play with colors!

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