Life Lately, v. 3

It has been awhile since I posted a Life Lately update, but I am wanting to bring them back as a way to reflect on and document each month. So, here are some of my favorite moments and things from September

Top 5 Moments from September

  1. Decorating the house for Fall
  2. Football Season is BACK!!!!
  3. Going to the Apple Orchard with the hubs
  4. Early Fall Vacation to Oak Island
  5. Celebrating the hub’s birthday

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Favorite Podcast

I haven’t listened to very many podcasts this month, but Emily Ley spoke as a guest on several and I have been listening to those! I am hoping to get back into Podcasts next month. 

Favorite Show

We have started to use Amazon Prime Video more. There are so many great shows and movies on there that you can’t find streaming on Netflix. Chuck is one of them. All 6 seasons are available and we have been 

Favorite Song

I have been listening to a lot of Christian music this month. It has been so uplifting! I have loved listening to anything by Lauren Daigle, especially “Come Alive” and “You Say“.

Favorite Recipe

With football season upon us, I have been preparing a different dip for us to try each weekend. So far, our favorite has been the Crab Rangoon dip that I made several weeks ago and served with bruschettini crackers. We also loved this Chicken Enchilada Soup recipe. (I added some diced green chiles to it. It was perfect!)

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September was a month of change for our little family, but also a fun one. I left my job and started another one. We went on vacation and enjoyed the beginning of a new football season. 

What was your favorite moment from September? 

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