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Love It or Leave - Flower Beauty Pot

If I go in Walmart, I can basically guarantee that I will come out with some sort of beauty product. I can’t help it, okay? I just love walking up and down the beauty aisles and seeing what is new. But you all already knew that from my ramblings in my Walmart Beauty Haul post. For this segment of Love It or Leave It, I decided to talk about the Flower Beauty cosmetics. This line was created by Drew Barrymore.

Rundown of the Line:
• Rather than putting time and money into advertising for a line, Drew put her time and money into creating a high-end cosmetic line at an inexpensive price and not into advertising.
• She doesn’t test on animals.
• These products are made in the US.
• This line is exclusive to Walmart.

Rundown of the Product:
According to the Flower website, the Color Play Crème Eyeshadow is enriched with Vitamin E, is long-wearing, is water infused and weightless, has buildable and blendable coverage, sets without creasing, has a smooth texture and is easily removed with makeup remover. I guess we will see! The packaging for this product is a square glass-like container and white lid with rose gold accents. You get 3.5 grams for $6.00. The price kills me! I know that it is pricier because it is supposed to be higher end, but I just don’t feel like you get a lot of product for your money. This product was on clearance at Walmart so I got it for $3.00 instead of $6, which is a little more manageable to me. I got the color Mum’s the Word. In the container, it looks like it is a shimmery cranberry-mauve color. When swatched, it looks like a cranberry-mauve with pink and gold undertones.

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I wore this for about six hours before I took it off. This product is supposed to be crease-resistant; it proved itself on that note. There was one small crease line, but that wasn’t a huge deal to me because of the length of time that I had already worn it. If you wear it for longer than 6 – 8 hours, you might have a problem with creasing. I wore this as an eyeshadow primer for 12 hours and had NO creasing whatsoever. On me, my eyeshadows normally crease within a couple of hours but with this, I was good to go. To apply, I used an angled eyeshadow brush. It went on so smoothly and was super blendable. I blended the edges into my crease to create a soft look. Some drugstore cream products do not blend well at all, but this is a dream to apply. I didn’t try to build the product up any, but I think that it could be built up if you wanted it to.

Do I love it? Would I leave it? Do you need it in your life?

It is super pigmented! There are about six shades in this crème eyeshadow line, which isn’t amazing. It would be nice if there were more color options. I love this shade because it is the perfect shade for any eye color or skin tone. It is especially great for blue eyes, because pinks and golds help blue eyes appear more vibrant! I’m not a fan of how expensive this product is. Would I buy it at full price? Eh I don’t know. The crease resistance leans me towards yes, the price leans me towards no. I wouldn’t buy it at full price because I don’t feel like you get a lot of product for that amount of money. With that being said, a little goes a long way. Depending on how long this product lasts, I would consider buying it again IF it lasts me for awhile. This product is both a love it and a leave it. I say leave it because of the price. I personally love the clearance price better than the full price. I would buy them all if they were on clearance. The crease resistance of this product is better than anything I have ever seen. So if you have oilier lids, BUY THIS. If its on clearance then definitely BUY IT! This is a great product, except for the price and you will love it.


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