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Hello Gorgeous! Today I introduce to you the beautiful Brittany from Sunshine Momma. She is the sweetest and her blog is absolutely adorable. I know you will love her!

1. Please introduce yourself and your blog.
Hi, I’m Brittany and I blog at Sunshine Momma! My blog is what most people would call a “Mom Blog”, but I like to call it a Family Lifestyle blog. I cover several various topics so you don’t need to be a mom to visit my site!
2. What features or topics do you cover on your blog?
Parenting tips, recipes, healthy lifestyle, marriage/relationship advice, and money saving methods are my main topics.
3. How did you get started using essential oils? Favorite oil or combination of oils to diffuse?
I love this question! I started using them a little after my daughter was born in order to start trying to live a more natural lifestyle and completely fell in love with them. My favorite oil to diffuse is without a doubt lavender. If I ever have a hard time sleeping I diffuse lavender and fall asleep instantly. It works so well that the first 5ish times I used it for this purpose I was convinced it was just a fluke, now it is a regular oil for me.
4. What is your number one piece of advice to someone just starting out with blogging?
Take action! I spent so much time researching the best way to do things that one day I realized if I had spent half the time on my blog that I spent on reading other peoples blogs, I would be doing much better. This ultimately led to me creating a schedule for my blog posts, social media, and on educating myself. Otherwise I’d end up blogging or researching 24/7!

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5. What item are you coveting for Fall/Winter?
Leggings and yoga pants. No contest. LOL!
6. What is your best organizational tip?
This is more along the lines of cleaning, but I have a cleaning schedule that I do daily. It keeps things from piling up and makes cleaning a 30 minute per day task rather than a full day each week.
7. What has been your proudest blogging moment?
Getting paid for my first sponsored post. It felt amazing to accomplish that huge goal of mine that I had worked super hard for.
8. If you could grab coffee with any blogger, who would it be?
Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family. She started out wanting to make enough money blogging to cover her kids preschool tuition. Now her and her husband both have quit their full time jobs to blog. She makes more money each month than she did a full year teaching! She’s very inspirational and I’d love to pick her brain one on one.


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