Mr. Man & His Thoughts | Currently (January 2016)

Mr. Man and His Thoughts

Today, Mr. Man is back for his monthly segment of “Mr. Man and His Thoughts.” For this post, I had him answer questions based on what he was doing when he sat down to write. January is always a busy month as we get back into the swing of things for spring semester at Clemson, so I thought this would be an easy and fun post to do that wouldn’t take much time to put together.

So, what are you doing currently?

Watching – The Walking Dead 🙂 \\ No surprise there.
Reading – Emails. Inbox was getting a little full.
Listening to – Girlfriend’s voice via telephone.
Dreaming of – 2016 Ford F150 Raptor \\ or here either.
Eating – Blueberry yogurt with cheerios. \\ He refused to eat this when we first started dating.
Learning – That I am getting very sleepy.
Wishing – That my dreams can come true!
Obsessed with – Do I have to keep repeating myself?
Loving – The girlfriend. (Brownie Points) \\ Aww!
Planning – My day for tomorrow. Very busy, lots of meetings, lots of phone calls.

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