Perfect, Affordable Swimsuits for Summer 2017

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Let’s talk about some of my favorite swimsuits for summer, 3 swimsuit trends I have been loving and one that I haven’t! My #1 favorite trend this summer is the one piece swimsuit. Growing up, I hated the idea of wearing a one piece to the pool. They were very plain in comparison to the bikinis and tankinis of those summers. However, I have fallen in love with this summer’s one piece releases. I love all of the little details!

#2: Side Cut-Outs. As if I didn’t love the one pieces enough, I especially love the ones with the side cut outs. They are so cute!

#3: Off the Shoulder/Mini Tee. While I love this trend, I don’t know if I could pull it off. I burn so easily that this suit would give me some horrible tan lines! The suits are so cute though, that I really want to try one out.

Lastly, the one trend I do not like this summer is the lingerie trend. I do not understand the point of lacy bathing suits that look like they could double as lingerie. I understand sex sells, but swimsuits already show a lot of skin. Why not just leave it at that? As a person with very fair skin, I also think that the laciness would make for some very strange-looking tan lines!

Now, to the fun stuff! Here are a few of my favorite picks for this summer!

One Piece Swimsuits

Bikinis & Tankinis




Let’s Chat: What is your favorite trend or style for this summer season?




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