5 Shows that I’m Currently Loving on Netflix | February 2018

I recently rediscovered Netflix. Here are the 5 shows that I am currently binge-watching and cannot get enough of!

Hello Gorgeous!

I have recently rediscovered Netflix. We have had it for awhile, but we were only really using it for movies and to be honest, we were kind of disappointed with it. Not anymore! As I wedding plan, blog or work, I like to have something on in the background whether it be YouTube or Netflix. I was wanting something different than YouTube, so I started flipping through Netflix and adding shows and movies to my list. While there are a lot on the docket that I haven’t started watching, here are the 5 that I can’t get enough of at the moment!

1. ReignI love the history and drama of this show, even if it does has some scarier themes and moments. 

2. ScandalThe hubs and I love How to Get Away with Murder, but had never watched Scandal. Shocker, I know! With the Crossover episodes happening in March, we decided to start watching it. Big mistake, now we are HOOKED! 

3. Once Upon a TimeIn adding shows to my list, I stumbled across this one. I have seen the trailers on ABC before, but have never been super interested. Now, I can’t stop watching. I love Disney, so it is no wonder that I love this show. I love the combination of real and fairy world! 

4. Grace and FrankieI love Jane Fonda, so when this show started, I knew that I wanted to watch it. I binged the entire first season and then had to wait for the second season to come out. My favorite part is the relationship that Grace and Frankie have!

5. Jane the VirginI got hooked on this show during my sophomore year of college and have gotten back into it. I love Jane and her approach to life!

I would love to hear your recommendations. Sound off in the comments with your favorites, so that I can add them to my list!

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