The Importance of a “Room to Room” Practice + Why You Should Be Doing It

Room to Room is something that my mother had us do every morning and now, it is something that I have continued to do. It is the perfect way to feel productive first thing in the morning!

Since Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, I wanted to share one of the biggest lessons that I have learned from my mother and that is something we call Room to Room. I know, you are probably thinking, “What in the world is Room to Room?!” Let me tell you! Growing up, I was homeschooled for middle school and high school, which meant that each morning, we completed our chores which included what we called Room to Room. Even in elementary school, when I was in a private school, we were still responsible for making our beds each morning and straightening up our assigned rooms. Basically, Room to Room means going into each room of your house and straightening it up – make the beds, empty trashcans, remove dirty clothes, prepare the bathroom with towels and washcloths for your next shower, fold blankets, fluff pillows, empty and fill the dishwasher, wash and dry the clothes, fold clothes, etc. These are just some of the tasks that could be included in your Room to Room routine.

As kids, we used to moan and groan about having to straighten up the house. Mama always had us start it first thing in the morning as soon as we rolled out of bed. No day could get started without having Room to Room complete and it definitely didn’t start well if we were complaining about it either. Now that I am grown and married with a home of my own, I still do Room to Room everyday FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, even though I always swore that I wouldn’t. Fast forward, I finally understand why my mother was so adamant that the house should be cleaned up each morning.

4 Reasons to Practice “Room to Room”

  1. By cleaning up, we are always ready to make a new mess without creating a bigger mess. We usually clean up after ourselves, but sometimes it gets left until the next morning. For example, it is pointless to pick up Remi’s toys even though I do pick them up throughout the day. He immediately pulls them back out!
  2. I love having a made bed. It makes the room look complete and put together, but I also can’t stand to climb into bed at night without the bed being made up. You end up with sheets twisted and it can be frustrating!
  3. Our home is always ready for visitors. By straightening up in the morning, I don’t have to panic about having unexpected visitors over because the house is always ready.
  4. With my anxiety, it makes me feel on top of the day when I make the bed and get the house straightened up. No matter how bad or good the day is, I can come home and feel at peace because it is clean and decluttered.

Even if you aren’t an anxiety sufferer, straightening up the house in the morning can be such a breath of fresh air. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house, where you can relax and not feel like there is something that you should be cleaning up. My mother has taught me a lot of things, and this is one that I use everyday.

My Room to Room Routine

I am planning to film a video on this soon, which I will link here once I upload it. In the meantime, I thought that I would summarize my routine here for you.

  • As soon as I wake up, I let Remi out and start doing Room to Room. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • While he is outside, I straighten up the kitchen, make sure the hubs coffee is brewing and open the blinds in the dining room. This is the time that I make sure we have breakfast, snacks and lunches ready for the day. I also make sure that dinner is prepped. I usually prep our entree the night before – marinate the meat, mix the casserole or throw everything in the crockpot (my personal FAVORITE!), so this is when I throw the crockpot in its base and turn it on or if I forgot to lay out the meat, this is when I do it.
  • I continue moving through the house. Next, I move to the laundry room and living room. In the laundry room, I will start a load of clothes, move clothes to the dryer or move dried clothes to the couch for folding. In the den, I will fold any blankets, fluff the pillows and put away Remi’s toys. I also open the blinds in both of these rooms and take any snacks or cups to the kitchen and put them away.
  • In the study and guest bedroom, I straighten up anything out of place, open the blinds and turn off the night lights. The guest bedroom is Remi’s favorite room in the house because he can see any cars that pull into our driveway and he can see the goats and cows that live across the street.
  • In the guest bathroom, I will put out a new towel and washcloth if one isn’t hanging up on the rod.
  • In our bedroom, the hubs makes the bed while I open the blinds and straighten up our sidetables. I will also gather up our dirty clothes and take those to the laundry room. I also lay out a fresh towel and washcloth for us, so that the bathroom is ready for us to shower when we get home.

There are obviously other chores that need to be done, like folding clothes or unloading the dishwasher. Depending on how much time I have in the morning, these things may get done but these are usually our afternoon chores. If I can get the house straightened up and presentable, I feel like I am ready to begin my day and don’t have to worry about anything at home. It is such an accomplished feeling!

Do you already practice Room to Room or something like it? What is your least favorite chore? Let me know in the comments!

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