Wedding Belles || 3 Reasons to Attend a Wedding Exposition + My Experience

Sharing 3 reasons why you should attend a wedding exposition when planning your own wedding, as well as my experience with one.

Hello Gorgeous!

For this Wedding Wednesday, I am super excited to be sharing 3 reasons why you and your fiance should attend a wedding exposition, as well as my experience. I have loved getting to share my wedding planning journey with you all! We can’t wait to share even more about the specifics of our big day, so be on the lookout for those after the wedding. I love having these posts to look back on and document this process for myself, as well as for you guys! 🙂

Before we got engaged, I had heard about a local wedding exposition on the radio and I had passed a couple of their billboards. I tucked it into the back of my mind as something I wanted to do once I had a diamond. After getting engaged, I got on their website and bought 3 tickets for their upcoming show at the end of January. My fiance, my mom and I went to the exposition with the intention of getting inspiration. We had been engaged for a little over a month and while we were making decisions about the wedding, we were still gathering our thoughts in a way. We got there about 45 minutes before it started, because we weren’t sure about traffic and parking. While we were waiting in line, we got a swag bag that contained coupons for wedding bands and a cake topper, along with information and coupons for other things. They also had super cute stickers for different members of the bridal party! Once the expo opened, we were able to walk through and meet all of the vendors. There was a bridal fashion show that took place later in the day. They had several mock receptions set up to put inspiration from, as well as ceremony crosses, arbors and more. All of the vendors were so sweet. There were people covering every type of service that you would need for a wedding possible, from florists, caterers, venues to DJs, travel agents, videographers and so much more. I picked up so much information that day, it was amazing! As we were walking through, we actually met our caterer that we booked in May! They had their cheese trays set up for you to try and we fell in love with them, so it was a no-brainer that we would book them. Our venue also had a booth there, so we were able to talk to them again. We found a couple of photographers/videographers that we interviewed, but ultimately, ruled against. Overall, it was a great, informative day and it was so worth taking a few hours to walk through it!

So, why should you attend a wedding exposition?

    1. Swag Bags
      • I love getting swag, who doesn’t!? The bags at this expo were awesome. There were coupons and lots of information were already in the bag, but the bags were also great when walking around the booths. Just about every booth had their own coupon or information packet. A couple of booths even had little gifts that they were giving out, like this one booth handed out a spatula with their information packet. Some vendors were even running contests or giveaways throughout the day, so we really took advantage of those and filled out every contest card. We didn’t end up winning anything, but that’s okay! I still think it is worth it to enter the contest, just in case.
    2. Meet Vendors
      • Like I said before, we actually met our caterer through this event. Without going, I would not have known that they existed and probably would have gone with someone else. We were hoping to meet photographers and videographers at this exhibit. That was our main vendor that we were looking for as I really had no idea who I wanted to use. We did get information from several people and I found a couple of people through social media. Ultimately, we did not book anyone that we met, but it was still great to have their information. This helped us to be able to evaluate cost and packages to determine what we wanted out of a photographer or videographer and what worked best for us.
    3. Get Inspiration


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