The Cat’s Book Club || A Book List

This post is going to be a running list of all of the books I read to accompany my “20 Things in My Twenties” post. What books do you think I should read? What books have you enjoyed recently? Have you read any of these yet? I would love to discuss them in the comments! Also, I recently joined this book club through Facebook. We are reading and discussing one book every month for the next year. We would love to have you join in on the fun too!

  1. Lost Along the Way
  2. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
  3. The Help
  4. Girls in White Dresses
  5. The Handmaid’s Tale
  6. The Amish Gift
  7. The Aluminum Christmas Tree
  8. Snow
  9. Twas the Night Before
  10. Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley
  11. The Simplified Life by Emily Ley


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  1. […] Read at least 100, push for 200, books in my twenties. 5 out of 200 so far, view my booklist HERE. […]

  2. […] reading. I just started Uncle Tom’s Cabin last week and yesterday, I started The Handmaid’s Tale for my book club. I am documenting all of the books I read for fun HERE. […]

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